A Washington State Reader Says That If Reconquista Mexicans "Win" They Will Really Lose
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From:  Brian Riordan

Re: Today's Letter: A Hispanic Reader Predicts "We're Gonna Win" Joe G. Replies

Letter writer Izcoatl310 [e-mail him] obviously doesn't realize that if his fellow Mexicans "win" then they lose because they will make this country as corrupt, dangerous and poor as Mexico.

Then where will they go?

Reconquistas don't understand that even in the short term, they are bringing in massive competition for their jobs and that results in lower wages and fewer opportunities.

How do you ask your boss for a raise when there are 20 guys waiting to have your job?

Riordan, during his years living in New Mexico, learned about Mexico's corruption and does not want it to "dominate our country." He is married to a legal immigrant who is "a proud American."

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