A California Reader Says: Impeach Bush Now!
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From:  Peter Klopfenstein (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Amnesty Bill Climbing Out Of Coffin—-But We Can Slam The Lid

The stage of opposing amnesty by faxes, public relations campaigns, e-mail barrages has passed. The core oligarchs are determined to pass amnesty
for the good of the North American Union

Bush could care less about the Constitution or the United States' political tradition. I have never seen a politician trying so hard to cut his own throat
and that of his party.

The sudden 40 percent drop in Republican Party contributions is not a coincidence and is not because of the war. The 2006 election
disaster was primarily about Bush's support of illegal immigration. With out the lame campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry, Bush would not have been anywhere near the White House.

We need to start pursuing legal remedies that include impeachment
proceedings. Let's not wait until the damage is done.

Klopfenstein is a retired Air Force major. His previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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