A Washington State Reader, Former Mexico Resident, Says Mexico Blames U.S. For All Its Problems
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From: Robin Corkery (e-mail him)

When Rocha whines in his letter to VDARE.COM that "the last thing we need in Mexico as we strive to resolve our multiple issues is another unhappy gringo," Americans who've lived in Mexico, as I have, are reminded of a saying there:  "Pobre de Mexico, tan lejos de Dios, tan cerca de los Estados Unidos." ["Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States."]

It's amusing, but also shows the reflexive Mexican tendency to attribute responsibility for their country's problems to the United States. 

Mexican politicians tirelessly and compulsively exploit this theme by sidestepping accountability for the yawning and seemingly impossible-to-bridge gap between American and Mexican living standards.

Their strategy for changing the disparity between U.S. and Mexico's living standards is so-o-o-o-o Mexican.

Instead of adopting some of the mores and folkways that have made the U.S. successful, Mexico chooses to invade our country and transform it into something more closely resembling its failed state.

Corkery is an alumnus of Notre Dame who served in the U.S. Marines. He became an officer of a New York Stock Exchange member firm that, according to him, "long ago became lost in the dismal swamp of political correctness." 

Corkery adds that: "he admired Mexicans while living in Mexico, but doesn't share George Bush's deranged obsession that Americans need to be displaced with Mexicans or any other foreigners."

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