A Mississippi Reader Says Bruce Springsteen Is Bad But Bill Maher Is Worse
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From: William Patterson (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Say It Isn't So! Bruce Springsteen Is An Open Borders Advocate!

I get sick of Bill Maher's opinions, and he is particularly hateful to immigration reformers. Maher makes a lot of uninformed and just plain dumb comments on the subject.

My least favorite was his remark that we should be saying "thank you" to immigrant laborers, as if these people, no matter what jobs they do, are only here to help us because we're all too lazy to work.

This is Maher's take on illegal immigration as opposed to aliens coming to the U.S. for their own benefit.

To understand how offensive Maher's comments are, you should know that on immigration I'm probably far to the left of most VDARE.COM readers.

If the federal government would build a fence or in some other way control the influx of illegal aliens first, I'm not totally opposed to giving a certain portion of the illegals a form of permanent legal status as long as it isn't full citizenship.

Reasonable people can disagree on some of those details.

Maher, however, is an example of a popular entertainer who is so far out in space on this issue, and is so vocal about it, that he needs to be reprimanded.

In my opinion, Maher has a lot more influence than Bruce Springsteen who doesn't have his own live talk show every Friday night on HBO.

Patterson is a finance executive.

Joe Guzzardi comments: A few years ago, Maher hosted a show called "Politically Incorrect." I put a package of immigration reform materials together and sent it off to him, noting in a cover letter than nothing is more politically incorrect than a candid discussion of immigration.

One of Maher's producers wrote back to say that Maher had no plans to do a show on immigration any time soon. Some things, I guess, are just too incorrect.

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