A VDARE.COM Donor Asks That We "Ease Up" In Our War On Christmas
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From: Ron Vertrees: (e-mail him)

Re: The War On Christmas

I am a long-time contributor to VDARE.COM and have just mailed you another check. But the funds are not to defend Christmas.

I am a history student. Those men of God, the Puritans, disdained the Catholic holidays and especially Christmas, which was banned in Massachusetts in 1647.

Do you denounce the founders of our country as anti-Christian and un-American?

Around 1720 my own Christian ancestors fled Catholic persecution in Europe to find freedom in Pennsylvania. In 1776, one of my ancestors fought for Independence. I am an American. I am a Christian.

As a Christian American I have the right to read the Bible and ignore the Pope.

The New Testament teaches that Jesus was born in the autumn at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). Many other Christians observe that Biblical holiday, understanding its origin.

Until our Savior returns as King, I accept all professed believers as my brothers and am glad that you glorify Him on the 25th and as every other day. I ask for similar tolerance in return. 

So ease up a bit regarding the War on Christmas.

We have real enemies and cannot afford to fight among ourselves over Santa Claus.

Vertrees, who was a customhouse broker, lives in Maryland, reports that he "became a VDARE.COM contributor" because we shared his "special interest" in border control. His previous letter about discrimination by the IRS against English speakers is here.

James Fulford replies: We are always very grateful to our donors, and we recognize that many Christians differ as to what to do about celebrating Christmas, but you have to understand that the Puritans who banned the celebration of Christmas with drinking and puddings and Yule logs and such were doing so for a very different motive than the modern anti-Christmas zealots.

The Puritans thought that not engaging in excesses of eating and drinking on the 25th was a better way of honoring Christ and his church than the older customs. The modern War Against Christmas is part of the project we call "Abolishing America." And while we respectfully differ from Ron Vertrees on the subject, the fact that we've been recently attacked by Max Blumenthal and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC for "starting" the whole thing means that this no time to back down. So we intend to fight it out on this line if it takes all winter, wishing everyone, and especially our donors, a very Merry Christmas!

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