A California Reader Says Chinese Immigration Leads To Corporate "Reverse Racism"
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From: Jerry Lynch (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: San Francisco Chinese Celebrate Immigration Fraud Of Days Gone By

Walker included this quote from the San Francisco Chronicle story she cited:

"The immigrants had to resort to subterfuge to clear immigration. Wong's parents, Gee Seow Hong, his father, and Gee Theo Quee, his mother, had to lie about their relationship to get into the United States. Wong's father was the son of a citizen, but his wife was not a citizen herself. So she pretended to be Gee Seow Hong's sister, and that her daughter, Li Keng, was her niece."[Out of chaos came new Chinese America , by Vanessa Hua, San Francisco Chronicle, April 13, 2006].

I once worked for a Chinese immigrant manager at a large global technology company. Although I assume she was legal, she once bragged to me about how her father had defrauded the INS by assuming his brother's identity to enter the US.  

In addition, she demonstrated preferential treatment toward other work colleagues of Chinese descent - she put an ethnic Chinese on my staff that had no visible role.  

My employees complained vociferously about this person that worked remotely and received a generous senior engineer salary but had no responsibilities.

None of us, including myself (and I was his manager) knew what this guy did. I relayed my staff's concerns. My reward: my Chinese boss included me in the next round of layoffs.

Reverse racism is alive and well in the technology industry.

Employees subsequently sued for unfairly and illegally selecting older white men for layoffs.  We knew the company was trying to get rid of senior white males. In their view, we get paid too much and don't help the company meet diversity goals.

Sadly, our side lost.  

The good news is that my Chinese boss and her (also) Chinese boss eventually left the company probably to be replaced by Indian workers on H-1B visas or by workers from the company's multimillion-dollar facility in India.

Tell Walker to keep up the good work. She's a brave person to put her name out in public—especially since she lives in California.

Jerry adds that he "loves VDARE.COM and reads it every day." He discovered us in the credits of Pat Buchanan's book State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and the Conquest of America.

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