A Texas Reader Writes On FORBES Magazine And The NON-Immigration Related Reasons For Austin's Boom
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Austin Texas Lake FrontFrom: Roger Chaillet [Email him]

Forbes has an immigration enthusiast article titled Booming Austin, TX Reveals The Genius Of Open Immigration Borders, October 13, 2013, by someone called John Tamny.


I lived in Austin from 1980 until 1985. I knew it was going to boom because it was booming at the time.

There was a building frenzy going on; UT Austin had just celebrated its 100th anniversary and was spending wildly on new plant and professors; Motorola had located semiconductor plants there; and Michael Dell was the darling of locals.

And this was when his firm was known as PCs Limited, and was doing only $400 million per year and not $60 billion annually as it is now.

And if Open Borders are so great, then why is California now Mexifornia and why is Dallas being overwhelmed with Californians fleeing Mexifornia?

How do I know this?

Because the population of North Texas is now greater than 7 million persons and a whole host of California based companies like Fluor and Copar are now headquartered in Dallas.

I could go on and on and on about flight from California.

It looks like I will now have to add Forbes to the list of rags I no longer read, like The Wall Street Journal and National Review.

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