A Retired Reader Proposes E-Verify Be Widened In Scope To Renting As Well As Employment
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From: An Anonymous Retiree [Email him]

The debate regarding illegal immigration and how legal immigration should be reformed could be looked at it, from this point of view.

A nation is like owning a home. As an owner, he/she determines who they will invite into their home. It could be friends or relatives or even a stranger, but it is the owner's decision. America is like a home, the American people should determine who is invited, not the Congress, not the President, and certainly not the Supreme Court. Any immigration reform bill should be submitted to the people for a vote.

It is highly unlikely that the Congress will allow the people to have a real say so about governing this country. If Congress is really serious about stopping illegal immigration, then the best way is for Congress to make it mandatory for every bank, every employer, and any owner of a rental unit to do an E-verify before granting a loan, hiring a person, or renting an apartment or home to someone. If an illegal alien cannot obtain employment, buy a home, or rent an apartment or home unless they are legal, then they will not come in the first place. It is as simple as that to stop any illegal migration.

Will the Congress do the right thing or will they be cowards as they have been in the past?

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