A Texas Reader Says "Pro-Amnesty Thugs" Are Celebrating Cinco de Mayo on May 1st To Maximize The Crowds
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04/29/08 - A Legal Immigrant Reader In Texas Says May Day Marches Would "Never Happen" In His Home Country

From: Don Reynolds: (e-mail him)

Around here, there are banners and signs proclaiming the annual Cinco de Mayo festivities—a very big deal in Texas— but on May 1st!

Even an old gringo like me knows that Cinco de Mayo is on Monday, May 5th. But the banners indicate that the celebration will be on May 1st.  See their route here.

Apparently, the pro-amnesty thugs have decided to combine the two events for maximum effect.

Since Cinco de Mayo is the day that Mexicans celebrate and gather in large public groups, why not just come five days early to deliberately create the illusion that everyone marching and singing on May 1st supports the rights of illegal invaders?

Reynolds is a city planner and economist with a personal interest in illegal immigration.

He reports that three Mexicans murdered his cousin, Robin Cloud of El Paso, for her car, which they later sold in Mexico. Nearly every bone in her body was broken when she was pulled her from the canal days later. Robin had been a jockey and horse trainer.

Reynolds' previous letters about bias in journalism, the U.S. enemy identification problems, the folly of a Third Party and the Wells Fargo Bank's willingness to open accounts for illegal aliens but not for his American children are here, here, here and here.

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