May Day Madness From Immigration Anarchists!
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What's that definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein?

Oh yes, now I remember! "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Apply Einstein's take on the uselessness of repetitive behavior when the desired outcome never materializes to our Open Borders adversaries and one can only conclude that they are—well, insane.

Perhaps "insane" is too strong.

Or then again, maybe it's not.

Whether it's crazy or it isn't, I wonder, given the abject failure of previous marches and public demonstrations demanding "amnesty now," what immigration enthusiasts—both in the U.S. and Mexico—could possibly be thinking as they organize yet another May 1st circus.

In my home state of California, no fewer than 23 cities will host pro-amnesty marches, including three in Los Angeles and two in San Diego.

To see if your city is one of the unlucky ones, check the complete list of locations here.

The master plan includes the typical protesting and Mexican flag-waving that we've grown to know and love.

An organization called "Latino Families United Without Borders" and whose motto is "Together We Are The New Majority" announced their demands.

Stop me if you've heard them before:

According to the Los Angeles-based Spanish language daily La Opinion's (wildly optimistic) projections, "mobilizations" will occur in 200 cities with the backing of 1 million people. [Líderes migrantes piden a Calderón apoyar marchas, By Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar, La Opinion, April 10, 2008, Spanish only]

No "mobilization" is complete without a call from anarchists for illegal immigrants to stay home from work, to boycott American products and stores, to keep their children out of school (a possible violation of state compulsory attendance requirements) and sundry other nonsense that is at best impractical and at worst impossible.

South of the border, none other than Elvira Arellano, the bad penny of the "justice for immigrants" crowd and a member of the very same "Latino Families United Without Borders," has resurfaced just in time for May Day.

Here's what Arellano's up to.

Speaking from the Cancun Airport, where she landed after returning from a visit to Cuba, Arellano announced that her dual citizen anchor baby son Saúlito would return to Chicago, the scene of their crimes to lead that city's May 1st march.

Then, according to his mother, Saulito will proceed the next day to Washington D.C. "to participate in a lobbying effort before the House of Representatives, where he will deliver the demands of reform to the U.S. immigration laws that the undocumented Latin-Americans want, 12 million of whom are Mexicans."

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