A Legal Immigrant Reader In Texas Says May Day Marches Would "Never Happen" In His Home Country
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From: Roberto Avila (e-mail him)

My home is only thirty miles from the Mexico-U.S. border in the Rio Grande Valley.  Everything that's around me looks and feels Mexican.

Americans who do not experience what I live through every day have little idea of what's coming their way.

It is not pretty. 

Yesterday's farmlands are today's developments built mostly to accommodate the rapidly growing Mexican population.

The media encourages illegal immigration through its by politically correct suppression of the realities of this invasion.

Look for example at how it misrepresents the upcoming May Day demonstrations organized by and for illegal aliens. Such fawning! [Son of Elvira Arellano Returns to Chicago for May 1 Immigration Rallies, By Robert Mitchum, Chicago Tribune, April 29, 2008]

I doubt if you will see many Mexican flags displayed during the May 1st marches. They won't repeat their mistakes of 2006 and 2007. The invaders' leaders know that waving Mexican flags does not play well with Americans.

Instead, look for American flags to be carried by anchor children like Elvira Arellano's Saulito as well as teenage Hispanics nearing voting age. The anarchists in charge truly believe Americans are dumb.

Speaking as a legal immigrant, these so-called mobilizations by foreigners offend me to the core. Trust me, it would never happen in my native country.

Nor would Mexican President Felipe Calderon ever allow an occupation of Mexico by foreigners or allow Mexico's precious few jobs to be taken by transplanted Americans

Politicians and business claim immigration is a sign of progress and creates a good economy.

But I see America abolished—our nation transformed and our quality of life eroded by overcrowding, increasing social ills and the higher taxes we must pay to support aliens who have little use for us.

Avila is from Latin America and is married to a legal immigrant. He says: "We both wanted to adopt and be adopted by our new country. We like the U.S. cultures and values better those from whence we have come. My wife and I meant every word we said upon taking our Citizenship Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America."  

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