A Talk Radio Listener Reports On The Great Replacement At Stanford—Freshman Class Is Only 23% White
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Re: A Talk Radio Listener Comments On The Great Replacement At Johns Hopkins

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

I’ve looked at the Stanford Freshman Class Profile [Class of 2025 Profile - Facts] and it’s only 23% white, including athletes and legacy/donor admittees.

Non-Jewish, non-legacy, non-athlete, non-donor white percentage? Is it as much as 5%? Minus open gays, transexuals, communists? 3%? At least they still admit many Asians on merit, but the top tier Asians go to MIT, as demonstrated by Putnam Competition results.

James Fulford writes: Steve Sailer has pointed out that colleges across America have been using COVID as an excuse for what Sailer terms the "Not So Great Reset"—replacing white students with minorities:


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