MIT Bucks The Trend Against The SAT/ACT
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From the New York Times news section:

M.I.T. Will Again Require SAT and ACT Scores

The university said it was reinstating the admissions requirement, which it had waived in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, for the 2022-23 application cycle.

By Maria Cramer and Eduardo Medina
March 28, 2022

Students applying to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2022 will have to submit SAT or ACT exam scores, the university announced on Monday, nearly two years after suspending the requirement because the pandemic had disrupted testing for many applicants.

The requirement was reinstated “in order to help us continue to build a diverse and talented M.I.T.,” Stu Schmill, the dean of admissions and student financial services and a 1986 graduate, said in a statement.

“Our research shows standardized tests help us better assess the academic preparedness of all applicants,” he said. The decision will affect first-year students or transfer students who want to enroll at M.I.T. in 2023.

In a Q. and A. posted by the M.I.T. News Office, Mr. Schmill said the office’s research had shown that the university “cannot reliably predict students will do well at MIT unless we consider standardized test results alongside grades, coursework, and other factors.”

The move bucks the trend seen at other elite colleges and universities, which have waived standardized testing requirements amid criticism that wealthier students can afford prep coaching and have an advantage.

According to Raj Chetty’s massive research, MIT grads in their early 30s have the highest incomes on average of the graduates of any four-year college program. (I summarized Chetty’s findings here.)

But, then, what does MIT know about selecting promising students?

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