A Talk Radio Listener Comments On The Great Replacement At Johns Hopkins
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Powerline's Steven Hayward has a post called The Worst People on Campus (he means the Admissions Department) and says

Take a close look the photo below of the boast of the admissions office at Johns Hopkins University, which notes that black and “Latinx” admittees account for 34 percent of the incoming freshman class, while only 19 percent of the freshman class is white, even though whites are still well more than 50 percent of high school graduates today.

David Bernstein, whose forthcoming book Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America is going to be dynamite, comments:

Hopkins’ class of 2025 demographics are remarkable. Looked at naively, you’d have to believe that Hispanic and black high school seniors are 3 to 4 times as likely to be Hopkins-caliber than white students (given relative percentages of the population).

Hopkins previously was heavily Jewish, as it's known primarily for its pre-med program. Now there must be hardly any non-Jewish white undergraduates.

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