University Of California Admissions Affirmative Action Bloodbath?
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College admission notifications are going out this week, and there are rumors that the University of California public colleges are actually taking seriously all their Racial Reckoning rhetoric, at the expense of the white and Asian applicants who keep their prestige up. From iSteve commenter Alden, a grandmother who doesn’t like commas:

More college admissions discrimination against Whites and Asians. The boy (I mean man) twin told me that all the kids, especially boys , with 4.2 averages and all AP courses didn’t get into any, not one of the 9 UC universities Not one in their senior class that he knows of.

I’ll edit her message to make it a little vaguer, but she’s talking about the Jesuit high school in one of California’s richest cities. Alumni have names like Getty and Brown.

Even the Asian kids from the math genius cohort. Didn’t get in to UC universities. That’s kids who have a special math program starting freshman year it’s basically algebra 1 and 2 combined . Then geometry and trig combined. Then junior year calculus differential equations and college level math for 2 years. It’s the Asian genius math program. And even they didn’t get in to one of the 9 UC campuses.

The U of California has banned submitting test scores.

And their high school is cheap. Only 25K a year and very very stingy about financial aid. Plus for the Asians the cost of tutoring. And dealing with the social climbing grandparents who pay for it all. They don’t just heap much shame in the kids. But on the parents too. “It’s all your fault. You should have had him in more tutoring” Saint X is known as Saint Suicide Because of suicide by Asian boys who don’t get into Stanford or Harvard the only colleges the Asian grandparents approve of Or have heard of.

For the non Asians, wrangling them to all the endless activities holistic college admissions requires.

All that money and hassle getting kids to a school in the city instead of the local free public high school. Plus the tutoring and activities.

To be turned down by every UC campus.

Cost of a 4 year college. Instead use the money to buy the kid an 8 unit apartment house live in one. Rent for one apartment is decent living expenses. Rents from the remaining 6 covers mortgage payment property taxes utilities minor and the dreaded major maintenance vacancies and lawsuits.

Take business administration courses at the local community college. Hire a handyman to teach the your kid repair and remodeling skills. He or she will be set for life.

Of course the feds night seize all real estate owned by middle class Whites and distribute it to deserving minorities sometime in the next 50 years. The Pelosi Feinstein/Blum Gates Bezos etc etc holdings will of course be exempt.

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