A Southern Illinois Reader On Hollywood's White Criminals And Black Scientists
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Re: A Pennsylvania Reader On The PC "DEATH WISH" Of Hollywood And TV

From: William Clough [e-mail him]

With regards to the VDARE.com articles and letters about how Hollywood bleaches criminals, not only does Hollywood show loads of statistically rare white criminals, they also like to show loads of  statistically black research scientists, and represent positively lots of snotty liberal wacko yuppies.

 Southerners, if shown at all, are usually dimwitted hicks, and often dangerous. When “civil rights” is mentioned, blacks are saintly and tragic victims of white psychopaths.

If a movie was ever made that showed the Southern side of "civil rights", I've never seen it.

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James Fulford writes: The reader has a point here—movies have represented the Southern side of the Civil War, Gone With The Wind being the best example It's practically the best example of a movie, period.

But a movie with either a positive portrayal of the White Citizens Councils(who, as Haley Barbour pointed out, were not the Klan, but legitimate organizations) or a negative portrayal of anyone in the Civil Rights movement is nonexistent as far as I know.

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