A Virginia Reader On Chinese Colonization Of The United States
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Chinese ColonizationIf the tales of anchor baby “birthing” hotels operated by the Chinese in the United States was not enough to make one paranoid then perhaps this latest fact will.  Now the Chinese are sending their children to the United States for summer camp! 

“As China grows richer, more families here have the means and the interest to give their offspring, usually single children, a taste of the United States, often with a view to full-time education there when they are older.  …. The number of Chinese parents sending children to U.S. summer camps "grows significantly every year”.

Over 100 agencies in Zhenjiang (province) now offer this kind of overseas study trip …”

 Chinese city halts U.S. school trips after Asiana crash, By Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY July 8, 2013

Obviously, it would be easier and cheaper to send Chinese children to a camp within China, but the long term goal of the parents is to give their children a foothold in the United States.  Judging from the article this experience makes them look better on their applications to US universities. 

And it will improve their future immigration prospects.  As the United States has insanely lenient immigration laws when one member of a family obtains legal residency then it is only a matter of time before the rest follow.

Given these trends, and the massive population base of China (1.3 billion) what is occurring cannot even be categorized as normal immigration.  Instead, it is more accurate to describe it as a type of colonization where a significant movement of population occurs from one country to another that still have active ties to their homeland.

And If any version of CIR legislation passes it will loosen up many immigration categories then expect the numbers of Chinese immigrating to the US to increase exponentially. 

P.S.  I had bookmarked the above article during the summer and had not really thought about it until I read the recent VDARE articles below. 

History may very well be repeating itself.

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