A Scottish Reader Disagrees With Pat Buchanan On Islam
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From:  Martin Kelly [e-mail him]

Re: Patrick J. Buchanan's Column: Benedict XVI—On God And The Prophet

As a great admirer of Patrick J. Buchanan's (I have the great privilege, for a non-American, of being linked to his blog), I must respectfully disagree with his analysis of Islam.

Islam as a whole may indeed be rising—but the "rage, militancy and intolerance" that Buchanan correctly notes as its hallmarks are also the sure signs of its intellectual and spiritual stagnancy and its true status.

Not so much a faith but a medievalist, barbaric ideology, Islam can withstand neither spiritual critique nor secular political competition.

There is no moral or practical difference between the burning of Papal effigies in Pakistan and the book burnings held by the Third Reich, no difference between the Muslim world's anti-Papal rallies and the exhibitions of Communist ideological power that those of a certain age might recall were once held in another stronghold of darkness, Red Square.

However, in those days men such as  Ronald Reagan and Buchanan stood athwart history and shouted, "Stop" as the Red Army was camped on the plains of Germany. Islam's immigration-induced presence in the West makes it more difficult to fight than Soviet Communism—but instead of so many disparate voices all saying the same thing, what the West needs now is a leader who recognizes and is not afraid to describe Islam's ultimate evil: the damage it does to Muslims.

Kelly, whose blog is here, formerly practiced law in Scotland. His earlier 2006 VDARE.COM article is here and his previously posted letter is here

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