A Reader from Glasgow, Scotland Asks if Border Crossers Should Be Called "Wetmouths"
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A Reader Predicts the Collapse of Mexico

Re: Mexican Government and Arizona Border Maps

From: Martin Kelly (email him)

The BBC has reported today that the Mexican government is making maps showing the locations of other peoples' water tanks in the middle of the Arizona desert, presumably as a health and safety measure to preserve the well-being of its citizens in transit.

One supposes one shouldn't be shocked at government agencies encouraging the theft of private property, although Kelo vs. New London did at least have the saving grace of limiting the right to commit such thefts to sovereign American institutions.

However, one couldn't help but wonder whether the correct designation for the users of such maps should be "wetmouths".

Joe Guzzardi comments: Martin Kelly is the proprietor of the erratically anti-VDARE.COM (and anti-Brimelow) blog The G-Gnome Rides Out. Since we received Kelly's letter, Mexico has withdrawn its plan to issue 70,000 maps to would-be border crossers. The very fact that Mexico conceived the idea proves its disdain for American sovereignty. But Mexico's retreat indicates that it is leery of pushing the envelope too far in this period of intense resistance by Americans to unchecked illegal immigration.

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