A California Reader Says "No!" To Juan and "Yes!" To Johnny
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From:  [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Never Mind 300 Million U.S. Residents—We're Just A Hop, Skip And Jump Away From 400 Million

Allowing schools to indoctrinate children with an anti-natalist ideology is an abdication of parental responsibility.

If the people want their children to use contraception, they should teach them themselves. 

The point for American nationalists is that U.S. population should be determined by Americans and not the cheap labor masses imported by our overlords to plague us.

Johnny is welcome but Juan is not.

"Name Withheld" says that he "prefers anonymity" since he "works for an extremely politically-correct corporation and is not at all confident that I would not suffer some kind of retaliation for sounding off—a sign of the times and of worse to come."

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