A Scandinavian Reader Says It's Obvious Wokesters Aren't "De-Colonizing" Western Universities, They're Colonizing Them
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Re: John Derbyshire Poem: The Wokester's Burden

From: Per Lundquist [Email him]

It is not fresh news that progressives routinely make assertions that are the opposite of the truth and aggressively smear anyone who rejects their lunatic ideas. (Bruce Jenner is a woman, whites are terrorizing blacks, diversity is our strength, race is a social construct, etc.) But it is worth noting the following, less noticeable, inversion that has been gaining credence within academia. 

Perhaps readers who encounter this nonsense may be better equipped to counter it with this obvious and simple point. Progressives often tout their efforts to "decolonize" academic curricula in Western universities. This amounts to replacing canonical works by Europeans with supposedly equivalent or superior products of non-European origin. 

But their use of the term "decolonizing" is a deeply confused conceptual blunder. The canonical curriculum in Western universities is the intellectual homeland of European peoples, not a colonial outpost in some foreign physical or mental space. The very notion of decolonizing one's own homeland by removing its progenitors is an incoherent concept. In fact, their notion of decolonizing is actually the act of colonizing Western universities with a foreign ideology. This brazen lie should be vigorously challenged.


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