A Patriot Lawyer Has A Small White Pill About The White Birth Rate
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From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]

The birth data for 2020 was just released by the CDC.

Vital Statistics Rapid Release, Number 012 (May 2021) (cdc.gov)

The biggest news out of it is that births are way down, declining by 4% from 2019. The decline has been happening for about a decade, but seems to have accelerated as a result of the pandemic. I would expect that 2021 will show a further decline.

One thing I noted, however, was that white births as a percentage of the total remain pretty much unchanged. It was 51.1% in 2019, and it is now just a click over 51.0% for 2020. That is statistically insignificant. So, despite one million legal immigrants per year—and an untold number of illegals—whites are holding steady. This is because some of the sharpest drops occurred amongst minority women as compared to white women.

If an immigration moratorium were imposed, or even if immigration were reduced, I would suspect that the white share of births—and the overall population—would start to increase.

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