A Retired New York Schoolteacher Says Foreign-Born Instructors Will Trade Tough Times In The Classroom For A Green Card
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From: Maria Vecchi (e-mail her)

Re: Christina Neal's Letter: A Washington State Reader Is Flabbergasted That Her State Is Importing Foreign-Born Teachers

Although I suspect it is little comfort to her, letter writer Neal should know that things are no different here in New York than they are in Washington regarding the importation of foreign-born teachers into our educational system.

In a way, it is understandable.

School districts pay more to custodians and secretaries than to some teachers. Poor salaries and lack of student discipline—especially in the five boroughs among some of the unmotivated Mexican and Caribbean islander pupils—burn teachers out fast. Who wants to teach under those conditions?

My answer: foreign-born instructors who are willing to take the chance that a few tough years spent in the classroom will eventually lead to a green card.

Non-immigrant visas, most obviously the H-1B, are prime examples of how immigration benefits are privatized (employers pay less) while costs are socialized (increased unemployment in a depressed economy.)

Vecchi's previous letter about the drawbacks regarding diversity at the polling place is here.

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