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07/10/09 - A Washington State Teacher Is "Flabbergasted" That her State Is Importing Foreign-Born Teachers

A New York Lawyer Explains How Illegal Aliens Get (And Keep) Well Paying City Government Jobs; etc.

From: Peter Castiglione (e-mail him)

Throughout the New York City bureaucracy, good jobs have been taken (and kept) by illegal aliens.

They come to New York on a student visa. Then, after they graduate, they get hired into permanent positions.

Since there is a total lack of due diligence in the civil servant hiring process, no paperwork proving legal authorization to work in the United States is required when students transition from intern to full-time employee.

Many American-born university graduates with bachelor and master's degrees in public policy would love to work in New York City government. 

The illegal aliens who currently hold those jobs must go back to their home countries where their skills are sorely needed. 

Even if a dictator controls their native country, they need to get with the opposition and take risks to oust that dictator.

In the current U.S. economy, Americans need jobs.  The United States can no longer be the resource for the rest of the world's workers who take the easy path out and come here instead of improving their own countries.

The time has long since passed when illegal immigrants came to Americas to scrub toilets

For example, aliens work throughout the construction industry. In a downturn like this one, they are the last fired because they represent the cheapest labor.  Why would a business owner dismiss employees who work for the least money?

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A Reader In The "Northwest State Of Microsoft" Predicts Washington Will Be As Bad As California After The Professionals Emigrate

From: Timothy Dunne (e-mail him)

Apparently, poor, poor Microsoft has managed to snag in-state tuition for all its highly-skilled, talented "guest" workers.  [Bill Gives In-State Tuition To Foreign Professionals, Families in Washington on Visa, by Lornett Turnbull, Seattle Times, June 22, 2009]

We've nicknamed it the "Microsoft subsidy bill". And all this time I thought Microsoft's foreign-born workers were already so smart and well-educated. Isn't that what we have been repeatedly told?

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't Microsoft foot the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for its employees?

Never mind that at least one student (not my child) from a local public high school that's ranked in the top-20 high schools nationally, with a 3.8 GPA, multiple, exceptional extra-curricular activities, was wait-listed  to make room for these supposedly already highly educated, talented, essential guest workers (who never go home).

It's all unbelievable but not surprising with cockroaches like the University of Washington's Bill and Melinda Gates Chair of Computer Science Ed Lazowska kissing up whenever any Microsoft management lackey is within suck-up distance.

And the tuition outrage comes on top of the King County Council communists doing their best to make King County a sanctuary for illegal aliens. [Contact them here.]

We're headed for the same place as our esteemed neighbor to the South (in our case, that's California, not Mexico) – bankrupt, corrupt, and conquered.

I'm not leaving my country.  My country has abandoned me.  Right now, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia look very attractive as emigration destinations.

Dunne is a technologist with more than 25-years of software and hardware development experience who has earned multiple degrees from Ivy universities, both public and private. He describes himself as "living with his family in Redmond, WA. — the backyard of the beast"

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A Puerto Rican Reader Challenges Nicolas Stix On Caribbean Baseball Player's Skills

From: Agusto Perez (e-mail him)

Re: Nicolas Stix Blog: Los Mets Have Come Up With Novel Flim-Flammery To Defend Their Decision To Field Caribbean-Born Players

Stix doesn't fully understand the nature of Caribbean ball players.

While it is true that many Latin players are hackers, some of them are very successful at it.

The Angels' Vlad Guerrero is a notorious bad-ball hitter who can hit an intentional ball out of the yard. Albert Pujols is also a good "bad-ball" hitter.

What it boils down to is that most Caribbean ballplayers were raised in poverty. Baseball was their ticket out of it and nobody pays to see a base-on-balls hitter. An exciting hitter, on the other hand, is likely to make money.

Latin players are so grooved into hitting the first thing that looks like a strike that they seldom work the count to their advantage.

The same Latino excellence can apply to pitching. Many Latino pitchers are outstanding: Fernando Valenzuela, Luis Tiant, Juan Marichal and Pedro Martinez.

The problem today is that the money is such that many pitchers arrive in the majors at age 23 or earlier. It used to be that a pitcher would not break into the majors when they were so young. Toss that lack of experience and diamond immaturity with a poverty upbringing and you've got the seeds of bad decision making and blown arms.

One position Caribbean players excel at is catcher: Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Geovany Soto and the three Molina brothers, Bengie, Jose and Yadier.

Having said all that, I agree that many Latin stars are brought to the big leagues—not so much for their baseball skills, but with the hope of drawing Hispanic fans.

The best example is the New York Mets' general manager, Omar Minaya, who has yet to produce a pennant.

Perez's previous letters about Mexican hypocrisy and left-wing Puerto Ricans are here and here

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A California Refugee Mourns Her Native State's Demise

From: Eloise Wilson (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: So Long California, Thanks For The Memories

Like Guzzardi, I was born and raised in Southern California, although in the 1960s, a few years after he was. At the time, almost everyone was a native Californian.

I too have my memories. I recall when Orange County was just that—an orange grove. The travel time from Orange County to downtown was 20 minutes. Visiting the beaches or mountains didn't involve a traffic nightmare.

Even for a white adolescent, walking through Maywood was safe. The strip between Laguna Beach and San Diego were sleepy town like Oceanside and San Clemente.

Now from Santa Monica to the California border shared with Mexico, it's all like Tijuana.

What caused California to go downhill is its pre-crisis cost of housing, excessive taxation on businesses and individuals and overcrowding cause by the state's unrestrained acceptance of illegal immigrants.

I left California five years ago for and have no plans to return, even for a visit. I'd tell you where, but I prefer it if you don't join me.

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