A Retired Border Patrol Agent And Veteran Offers Himself Up For Arrest To DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano
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From: Dave Stoddard (e-mail him)

Re: Michelle Malkin's Column: You Might Be A "Radicalized Right Wing Extremist" If…

After reviewing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's latest alert to law enforcement officers, I have discovered that I am a risk to America. 

To wit: I am a veteran.  Worse yet, I was trained in the use of high explosives. 

I own a gun and am against people sneaking into America, tinkering with our Constitutional representative democracy as well as killing babies under any circumstance. 

I took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

By Napolitano's standards, that makes me a "domestic terrorist".

According to Napolitano, I am more dangerous than the Somali Muslims recruiting for jihad in Minnesota, the Mexican Zetas committing assassinations and kidnappings in Phoenix and Houston and the Hezbollah fundraisers on the East Coast.

Therefore, I wish to turn myself in. 

I expect to be treated no differently than foreign terrorists.  I want full room and board, free legal representation from the ACLU, special diet, full medical care, entertainment and incarceration on a tropical island with sea breezes. 

I want my Bible handled with all the reverence given to the Quran complete with delivery by white-gloved guards.

Napolitano can arrest me up anytime she wishes. But I hope she calls first.

Joe Guzzardi comments: I met Dave Stoddard on September 10, 2001 when he took NumbersUSA.COM president Roy Beck and me on a tour of the Mexico/Arizona Border in Cochise County where he lives. My column about our day and night together before 9/11 is here.

When I asked Dave how Napolitano ever became Arizona's governor, he answered that: "she pretended to be a moderate Democrat. Only Obama can bring out the ultra left in these creeps."

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