A "Conservative" UNC Student Journalist Tries Belatedly To Factcheck Smears Against VDARE.com—Which May Have Helped Instigate Anti-Tancredo Riot
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04/18/09 - A Reader Says VDARE.COM Makes Excuses For White People "who have failed in life"

See: Video of Attack On Tancredo Speech

From: Christopher Jones [Email him]

Hello, I am a writer for a conservative student publication, and I have a question about your website Vdare.com: Has Marcus Epstein ever been an editor or in any other position of authority for Vdare.com? Or has he always been just a contributor with his own staff page?


Christopher Jones

Peter Brimelow  [who had already read Virulently anti-Immigrant Student Group Forms at UNC - UPDATED"updated" to fix many factual errors at the Carolina Review's Blog] replied:

No, you idiot, he's not "the editor of VDARE.COM", just a free-lance writer. If you couldn't manage to check the site, why didn't you just ask before you wrote?

It's also stupid to call us a "racist anti-immigrant blog", but in your case I'm not surprised.

I'm also not surprised you don't want to tell me what conservative student paper you write for. [ Carolina Review]

Guilty conscience?

[James Fulford adds: See the video link above for what actually happened at Tancredo's speech. 

"Inside the classroom, several student protesters screamed curses at Tancredo and Riley Matheson, president of the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Youth for Western Civilization. ' This is the free speech crowd, right?' Tancredo joked."  Furious protest stops Tancredo's UNC speech].

The actual protesters were leftists, rather than milksop conservatives, but this kind of backstabbing doesn't help.]

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