A Vermont Reader Says Obama's Immigration Strategy Doesn't Fool Her
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From: Elizabeth Harris (e-mail her)

Re: Marcus Epstein's Column: Regardless Of Obamnesty, Immigration Battles Already Raging

No one should be duped by President Barack Obama's strategy.

Obama knows that illegal aliens put on "the path to citizenship" can be counted on to vote for Democratic candidates. Depending on how many aliens actually reside here, that could mean between 15 and 20 million new Democrats whose votes would be guaranteed for a generation.

Obama and the Democratic Congressional leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are really all about shafting the Republican Party and turning the US into a one-party nation.

Millions of non-assimilated, non-English speaking, newly legalized, Democrat voting Aztlanians—that must send a tingle up Obama's leg.

Harris' wrote earlier detailing just how far left Obama is. Read her previous letter here.

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