A Red State Reader Suggests That The GOP Nominate A Candidate From A State That Actually Votes Republican
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From: An Anonymous Reader[Email him]

Is it possible the GOP would do better with national leaders from "Red" states that actually vote for Republican presidential candidates?

The common denominator of the current crop is they can't carry their own states at election time.  Romney (MA), Ryan (WI), Christie (NJ), Boehner (OH), Cantor (VA), Rubio (FL) and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (NJ-FL-WI) all illustrate the problem.  And their continual sniveling excuse is that they'd win if only the real Red states would join them in following Democratic type policies.

I think Red State Republicans should get together and boot all these whining losers out of their leadership positions.  The current policy of letting Blue State Republicans define and lead the Republican Party has just one obvious end.

James Fulford writes: There's something in what the reader says, and an obvious positive example would be Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, Red State residency is no guarantee of patriotism—Bush and McCain were from Red States. For a best case scenario, see Time for President Sessions (R- AL)? by Patrick Cleburne

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