A Reader Writes That George Zimmerman May Be In A Position To Sue Both ABC and NBC For Deliberate Falsification
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item ABC Does Good:"Cops, Witnesses Back Up George Zimmerman's Version of Trayvon Martin Shooting"

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Of course ABC is trying to make nice. They're thinking of Richard Jewell,(the Olympic security guard falsely accused of bombing by MSM organizations in 1996 ) and how to avoid a lawsuit. I don't see how NBC escapes a lawsuit with their libelous editing of Zimmerman's 911 call, but ABC isn't far behind.

 They reported he didn't appear injured when they showed the video tape of him being led into the police station, and blocked the view of the back of his head where there was a very visible injury with the ABC logo. Now that even the prosecution's evidence admits Zimmerman was injured the night of the incident, ABC is trying to cover their vulnerable backside.[See ABC News: Enhanced Video Shows Injury To Zimmerman's Head]

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