A Gay VDARE.com Reader Reports Obama Supporters, Establishment Conservatives, Both In Own Worlds
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From: A Gay VDARE.com Reader [Email him]

“I want to make it very clear: I repudiate that effort,” Romney said at a news conference. “I think it’s the wrong course. . . . I hope that our campaigns can respectively be about the future and about issues and about a vision for America.”...

A complicating factor for Romney is that he is not the most adept or agile of politicians.

When a reporter on Thursday cited a February interview in which he suggested that Wright had helped shape Obama’s worldview, the former Massachusetts governor replied awkwardly: “I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.”

[Mitt Romney distances himself from racially fueled proposal to attack Obama, By Karen Tumulty and Rosalind S. Helderman, Washington Post, May 17, 2012]


 Do you think Romney is going to pull a McCain and choose to lose the election rather than play hardball?

I can't imagine that he doesn't want to win. Maybe he is just playing the game very carefully at this point.

Yesterday I talked with a longtime gay Democratic Party activist friend. He's off to Wisconsin to work for the recall. In this case I decided to keep my mouth shut about what I think. He predicts that Obama's victory will be landslide of the proportion of LBJ vs. Goldwater. I assume that the people around him share that opinion.

In the meantime, on O'Reilly Factor, [May 17, 2012] they made light of the Census report about births. It meant nothing to O'Reilly. Jeanine Pirro said the country's demographics have always been subject to change. Gretchen Carlson risked her career by pointing to the illegitimacy rate among blacks and Hispanics.

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