A Reader Wonders If The MSM Is Deliberately Trolling Us Over Racial Panics
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Re: James Fulford’s articles Narrative Collapse, Fighting For Injustice, And The Importance Of VDARE.com and Narrative Collapse In Your iPhone—Why Some Gun Control Stories Aren’t Gun Control Stories At All

From: An Anonymous Worried Reader [Email him]

I just read James Fulford’s latest and had a bad thought. I’m hoping you can tell me I'm over the edge into paranoia, looking for the black UN helicopters.

It started when I realized that all of the cases the progressives whip into media frenzies fall apart. Huh? There are people in prison who have indeed done the sort of crimes the media frenzies wail about but none of those cases merited a feeding frenzy?

So I started to ponder how that could be. With progressives it always comes down to stupid, evil or some mixture. So are they really this stupid or is it evil? How to tell?

If they picked a real clear cut case of a white person (citizen or cop) killing a black in a clearly racially motivated way, what would the frenzy look like? What would the other side of that shouting head cable TV segment be? An empty chair is what.

Meanwhile, when we look at what is actually happening we get a huge argument. The conservative plays his part, talking about the dubious facts of the case while the progressives just wave the race card around. When polled blacks always still believe the official narrative and whites are angry and confused when it is all over. After all, most blacks still think OJ didn't do it and everyone else is pretty sure he got away with murder.

Saul Alinsky said the heart of 'Community Organizing" is to go out into the community, discover all the wounds, grievances and such and then “rub raw the resentments of the people”.

So is it crazy to wonder if they aren't picking cases they know going into the frenzy are almost certain to collapse? In short, are we being trolled?


James Fulford writes: A lot of it is effective stupidity. The saying “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity” is worth remembering. Although “stupidity” is not quite the word—New York Times editorial board actually believes that in an encounter between a black teenager and a neighborhood watchman, the black teenager is the good guy.

So I don’t think that most of these cases are deliberate failures. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore the element of collusion between MSM actors and progressive politician—the Journolist scandal proved that.

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