A Reader Suggests The FCC Make Univision Provide English Subtitles
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From: Thomas Meehan [Web Page]

One of the joys of our new multi-cultural utopia is the chance to scan our televisions only to find multiple Spanish language channels.  My remote control has a language button but it seems that none of these Spanish channels bother to carry an English translation of any kind.  It’s awfully nice of the FCC to grant licenses to these stations considering that the stations have no interest in communicating with the majority of Americans.  

I suppose it’s too much to ask that a Congressman or Senator might favor us with a bill requiring Telemundo or Univision to let the rest of us in.  How about English simulcasting or and English language text crawl at the bottom of the screen in the name of diversity? 

I think the same should go for all non-English programing.  I’m just dying to know what’s being said on those Korean soap operas.

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