A Reader Suggests A Source For Dominion Voting Systems Manuals, Helpful, But Not Quite What We're Looking For
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Re: A Talk Radio Listener Says That The Dominion Voting Systems User Manual Details All The Security Risks Of Their Machines

From: An Anonymous Reader [Send him mail]

Per your request in the video about Dominion, here is a link that may help for the manuals, via Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold's official web page.

Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

 Note: Dominion Voting Systems submitted numerous documents regarding the Democracy Suite 4.19 voting system in connection with its application for temporary approval. The provider has determined that the system documents posted below are not exempt from disclosure under applicable provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act, sections 24-72-2001.1, et seq. In the interests of transparency, the Secretary of State makes this information available to the public without the need of a formal records request. Those interested in reviewing voting system documentation not posted here should follow the Secretary of State's open records policy.

James Fulford writes: These are useful links, but they're not the manual referred to by Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research in the Glenn Beck video. Our Talk Radio Listener correspondent tells us that he found that link "but it doesn't have the lengthy manual to which Jeff Brown referred. Brown cites specific pages in the 400s, and the longest manual on this link is less than 100 pages long."

I will note that the manuals are (a) proprietary, and (b) redacted, as published by the Colorado Secretary of State under transparency laws, so the reason people can't find a manual online is that it's supposed to be confidential for either trade secret protection, or hiding security loopholes from hackers.

For example, the 2.07 Democracy Suite system test and verification (PDF) link has a page that looks like this:

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