A Talk Radio Listener Says That The Dominion Voting Systems User Manual Details All The Security Risks Of Their Machines
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research said on the Glenn Beck show that he has read the Dominion Voting Systems user manual, which does not seem to be available online. (We need a copy, and we need to circulate a copies to friendly techies. It's more than 500 pages long. )

In addition to numerous other security problems, Brown discovered that anyone with the administrative password can alter voting results on a Dominion machine. I wonder whether all Dominion machines ship with the same default administration password, and whether the contested states and cities use the same administrative password on all of their machines. It's well documented that many, perhaps a majority of users never change default passwords.

Brown also said that it's possible to edit log files to coverup tampering and to swap "memory cards", maybe SSD?, on a machine. In addition, when machines are connected to the Internet, remote tampering becomes possible. The manual even includes Dominion's own ratings of the security risks of various features of the machines, several of which are "High Risk".

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