A Reader Slams Gen. Mark Milley For Dishonesty: No Mention Of The Nation-Wide Riots Fueled By CRT
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Re: JOHN DERBYSHIRE: CJCS Mark Milley—“The Very Model Of A Woke Postmodern General”

From: Mike [Email him]

John Derbyshire wrote a great article on Gen. Mark Milley, in particular, on his slick, dishonest recent testimony before Congress. There was no mention of the violence from last year in his testimony. Also, if he wants to study Critical Race Theory, he can do that on his own time. What he did not mention was that CRT is being forced upon the military, along with other ideological training.

Trump appointed him, though, and kept him on during last year's nation-wide violence.

James Fulford writes: The US Armed Forces have had three-quarters of a century of anti-racism training—as far as I know directed exclusively at whites—but in recent years, it's been getting worse. Much worse:


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