A Reader Shares His Experience With Oslo, Now Menaced By Immigrant Violence
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog post Oslo Police: Nearly All Rapes Are Committed by Non-Western Men

From: Vincent Chiarello (e-mail him)

Brenda Walker's posting about the rape of Norwegian women by "utlending" (foreigners) is accurate as far as it goes, but there is far more to tell. To begin with, this problem is not new.

From 1984-88, I served as the Press Attache to the US Embassy in Oslo, and even then (In the mid-80s, Norway was about 97% homogeneous, including other Scandinavians and Nordics), in speaking to the police, I was informed that the growing drug trafficking in Norway was mainly the result of the influx of Moslem—mainly Pakistani—immigrants, but was confined to the discos and group gathering places of young people in the capital.  Many policemen also pointed out that the normally independent Norwegian woman's approach to sexual relations was being transformed by this Moslem presence. To many of these new immigrants from Moslem countries, the sight of a woman at a disco showing cleavage was a sign that she was not only a prostitute, but open to any and all suggestions.

I have a grandson who lives in Oslo. Five or more years ago, he wrote me that the central train station in Oslo had become a very dangerous place, a stunning reversal of the social order that has always been part of Oslo's history. Further, the drug problem had now grown to proportions unheard of his Norwegian criminal history. No one who reads VDARE.com should be surprised.

What remains perplexing to me after more than twenty year absence is to hear, of all things,  a female police officer explain away the rape problem in Norway as a result of people coming "from traumatized countries." If this police approach continues, I assure you that the numbers of rapes will not decrease, and Norway, along with many other Western European countries, will continue down the path of national suicide.

Chiarello is a retired Foreign Service Officer whose tours included U.S. embassies in Latin America and Europe. See Vincent Chiarello's previous letters to VDARE.com.

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