A Reader Says Computer Moguls` Greed Leads To H-1B Usage
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Re: Dr. Norm Matloff On The Tech Industry Partying Like It's 1999 

From: Gianna Giavelli [Email her]

One point that is important to understand is that tech companies are fueled by venture capital. Venture capitalists live in very expensive areas—Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto, or La Jolla in San Diego. And they don't like to invest in anything which requires a plane ride.

Look at where Google and Facebook are headquartered. Houses cost well over a million dollars there. This is why the big push to only hire younger workers—these fresh out of college—or H-1Bs loaded with their fake six week class called a bachelors degree—are willing to live in the cramped overpriced apartments in these towns. As they need to attract older workers they are unwilling to pay the wages to actually acquire housing.  So the cycle repeats itself with the companies becoming hopelessly filled with mediocre H-1B labor and the brilliant engineers with ideas move on.

As we approach massive unemployment for American citizen engineers, its time to ask for a total stop of the H-1B program. But with rich software tycoons like Benioff and Ellison and Gates hosting private million dollar fundraisers, it's unlikely to happen until the entire industry collapses like Bell Labs. All smart Americans having long since moved into Finance or MBA land.

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