A Reader Says "Zombie Jihadist" Attacks Will Ensure The Election Of Trump
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From: Bill [Email him]

I just caught a bit on Fox with our FBI and Intel experts talking about the three terror attacks yesterday. They are completely frustrated with the Obama Administration and say we have to change what we are doing.

They are right, but clueless about what must be done. These three attacks were classic "Zombie Jihadists." They were acting on their own, either alone or with two or three others.

The only people who would have known of them were their family or the Mullahs at their Mosque. Our chances of catching them before they attacked were slim and none and slim just left town. They are swimming in the Muslim ocean. Classic Guerilla warfare.

What we can do, if we had an administration that would even admit they were Muslim Terrorists, is reduce the size of the Muslim ocean by allowing no more Muslims in,  and getting every Muslim out of the country that we can while pressuring families and Mullahs with retaliation if they don't turn them in. What I am suggesting here is so radical by today's standards that I know it won't be done. "Grrrrr!"

The only good news about these attacks is that it ensures the election of Trump. The major reason they won't admit they are terror attacks is that the Left also knows it elects Trump. The Mayor of NYC won't even admit it. That's why they lied about Benghazi.


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