A Reader Says Oberlin's Affirmative Action Lawyer Was SUPPOSED To Be An Expert On "Risk"
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Re: James Fulford's LEGAL INSURRECTION's Terrific Coverage Of Gibson's Bakery Misses Point About Black Lady Lawyer

From: Betsy [Email her]

James Fulford writes

I could see that the email was signed by a woman called Donica Thomas Varner, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary.

Ms. Varner [Email her] is a black lady lawyer, who has worked previously in Detroit law firms, and as a lawyer for the University of Michigan. There's no reason to be surprised that a black lady lawyer, working at a left-wing college is (a) incompetent or (b) emotional. This is one of the costs of affirmative action.

In this case, the cost is $22 million dollars.

Fulford is so right that Oberlin has subjected itself to the double whammy of black criminality and black incompetence, but poor Donica Varner is actually doing more damage than his column suggests. Please note that her bio identifies her as an instructor on how colleges should manage risk, specifically to reputation, which is what defamation claims like the ones against Oberlin seek to protect. So she is spreading her wisdom on this subject while overseeing a judgment against her school for north of $44 million! This situation is almost impossible to comprehend.

James Fulford writes: In an additional "risk" note, this is from Legal Insurrection:

An obvious question, and one a lot of people have been asking, is whether the college has liability insurance to cover the verdict.

Based on court filings obtained by Legal Insurrection Foundation, it appears that the insurer, Lexington Insurance Company, is likely to disclaim coverage for the intentional torts which gave rise to the verdict.

EXCLUSIVE: Oberlin College insurer likely to reject coverage for Gibson Bakery $11 million verdict, by Saturday, June 8, 2019

The legal principle involved is that while your insurer will insure you against things that happen to you, and thingsl that other people do to you, it won't necessarily insure you against things you decide to do to other people—like Gibson's Bakery.

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