A Reader Says "Fair Is Fair—And Illegal Isn't Fair."
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From: A Florida Reader

Re: Tancredo pushes for border security By Paula Lavigne Des Moines Register February 4, 2007

Once again American citizens can thank Tom Tancredo for doing the hard and brave work of keeping the negative impact of illegal immigration in ours and the media's forefront. It is easy for us "regular" people to make such statements, as Tom does,—but it takes real courage for a public figure to do so. This man so reveres his country that he is willing to take the "flak" for all of us.

The ill effects of multiculturalism continue to wreak havoc with our American culture. Yes, we are the so called "melting pot" but the key word here is MELTING or different cultures and languages merging to become ONE in ONE Country—the USA. Without the American culture one could further deduce that we stand good chance of becoming an unblended, indigestible chunky soup. Not exactly what our forefathers wanted and certainly not what thousands of brave soldiers lost their lives to preserve.

Too many people shy away from stating the obvious when it comes to illegal immigration and far too many people like to toss out the word racist at anyone who believes that rampant illegal immigration is not in the best interest of our country especially our lower and middle income workers.(Just ask Tom.)

Some open border activists want us to welcome the millions of people who chose to ignore our laws and immigrated illegally to the US—sorry but I don't agree. It is ludicrous to reward anyone for breaking the law and illegal immigrants have done just that. Not all are "hard working" as evidenced by the MANY with Medicaid, welfare, food stamps and other taxpayer paid benefits—none of which were available to the last large group of legal immigrants that arrived in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Our hospitals and schools are over burdened by rampant illegal immigration.

To call them "undocumented workers" when all don't work is ludicrous and is trying to mitigate their lack of legality. It is like calling a mistress an "undocumented wife". That may sound a bit silly but really,  if enough people steal cars would you think that car theft should be legalized?

I agree that many employers are addicted to cheap illegal labor and do share a some of the responsibility for the throngs of illegal immigrants here in the USA but businesses are not totally responsible for ADULTS who CHOOSE to break laws and enter the USA illegally.

Blaming the so called "victim" in this case is not applicable as the illegal immigrants were not dragged kicking and screaming into the USA. To believe this takes the focus off of adults taking responsibility for their voluntary adult behaviors and hide behind the so called "victimization" of intelligent people who made their own choices. Perhaps this rationalization makes it easier for some to believe we should reward lawbreakers with amnesty?

We really should also consider blaming the illegals homeland governments who would rather export their citizens (by giving them "how to" booklets and maps) rather than address and correct the country's economy and poor or lack of social services. Are they not also complicit?

Regardless, we cannot pick and choose what laws citizens or non citizens are obliged to follow—US laws must be honored.

Fair is fair—and illegal isn't fair.

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