A Reader Says Biden's Amnesty For Illegals Will Be The REAL Test Of GOP Establishment Congressmen
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Re: A Reader Says Driver's License Bill Shows GOP Establishment Feeling Pro-Trump, Anti-Immigration Heat

From Jay [Email him]

As for Congress ending driver's licenses for illegals, yes it is "just another Establishment ploy to fool the base." It is, of course, a very good idea, but they know, as the Fox news piece indicates, that it has no chance of passage.

And yes, "if the Republicans were serious, they would have done this when they had control of Congress." They also would have completed the wall, ended chain migration, overcome 'sanctuary cities,' lowered legal immigration numbers and deported a lot more illegals. And more recently, wouldn't have supported Sen. Lee's changes to the H-1B program or the expansion of the H-2B giveaway.

Will the GOP get serious now about blocking Jose Biden's plans to offer citizenship to 20 million illegal aliens & to increase 'bigly' the number of refugees admitted into the country? This will be the real test, no fooling.

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