A Reader Says Driver's License Bill Shows GOP Establishment Feeling Pro-Trump, Anti-Immigration Heat
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See, earlier Trump DHS's Chad Wolf STUDYING State Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Aliens—Try ACTING Instead!

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Fox says that Republicans in  both the House  and Senate are introducing bills to block funds to states that give illegal aliens driver's licenses, with reaction from former Trump DHS head Chad Wolf, above [GOP lawmakers introduce bill to block funding to states that give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, January 30, 2021].

This is further demonstration that the Republicans now realize that the base will not abandon Trump even when every alternative news source is shut down and cancelled. They can't help but notice the uprising against Lynn Cheney in Wyoming, a state they thought was under total GOPe control, and that Biden is sinking like a rock in MSM polls. If they tune in to any talk radio show, they will hear caller after caller denounce the "Capitol riot" story being pushed by the GOPe and controlled talk show hosts. Unlike the Russia collusion hoax, but like Charlottesville, videos disprove the mainstream Capitol riot Narrative, and people resent being told that what they can see for themselves is not really what happened. 

As for Congress ending driver's licenses for illegals, it's just another Establishment ploy to fool the base. If the Republicans were serious, they would have done this when they had control of Congress.

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