A Reader Says American Leftist Now Further Left Than Leftists Anywhere But (For Now) China
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's Sanders Hard Left Creeps Up On Complacent Trump GOP

From: Eddie Burke [@EddieBurkeChi on Parler]

I was wondering if VDare.com's editors have noticed how radical the mainstream American Left has become. Surely you did, but I mean not only by comparison to the benchmarks of our own nation, but for the first time in history by comparison to the Left outside of America.

At this point in time, the American Left is WAAAY more radical than the Left in Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Austria, Britain and even France. Whereas the mainstream Left outside of America is still mostly occupied by economic questions, the American Left has gone 100% into what Roger Scruton called the “culture of repudiation.”

It used to be conventional wisdom that the American Left was what some European countries had for their Right: a pro-labor welfare-state-ish political movement. Not anymore! The American Left calls for the abolishment of law enforcement, for the flooding of the nation by foreigners, for the defacing of the nation’s monuments, for the dismantlement of the American family, and for an overall project of erasure and deconstruction of historic America.

While our European cousins definitely have their share of that, the mainstream European Left is still along the old fashioned lines of François Hollande and the German SPD. A tired blend of socialism and protectionism, but not yet a full blown corrosive power of national dismantlement.

Who’d have thought?

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