Anarcho-Tyranny: Italian Courts Trying To Take Down Salvini
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Sam Francis told us multiculturalism leads inevitably to anarcho-tyranny and we see more proof that he was right every day. Much as the Deep State is trying to take down President Donald Trump in our own country, unelected officials are trying to take down Matteo Salvini in Italy. The journalists, of course, are cheering it all on. 

Italy’s far-right League leader Matteo Salvini, looking to avoid trial for alleged kidnapping, has defended his decision to detain migrants on a coastguard boat last July, saying the move had been backed by the whole government.

Salvini was interior minister at the time and had pledged to curtail mass immigration from Libya by making it much more difficult for boat migrants to enter Italian ports.

In July, some two weeks before he pulled the League out of its coalition with the 5-Star Movement, Salvini refused to let 131 migrants disembark from the Gregoretti coastguard vessel until other European states agreed to take them in.

A special tribunal has recommended that Salvini stand trial for the incident on charges of illegally detaining the migrants, and he faces up to 15 years in jail if found guilty.

However, under Italian law, former ministers cannot be tried for actions undertaken while in office unless a parliamentary committee authorizes the probe.

The 23-strong committee is due to take a decision on Jan. 20, and Salvini’s lawyer handed over documents for his defense on Friday, including emails from Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s office, which Salvini says prove the government had backed his actions.

[Italy's Salvini looks to avoid trial over migrant standoff, by Angelo Amante, ReutersJanuary 3, 2020]

Leave aside for the moment the absurdity that invaders have more judicial protection from Italy than the former Interior Minister. Notice the wording. Lega is "far right" despite being the most popular party in the country. Recently, three senators from the Five Star Movement defected to Lega [Italian PM calls for unity as three senators move to far-right party, by Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian, December 30, 2019]. Journos also have a problem because the Brothers of Italy party, which is more right-wing than Lega, is also increasing in power and has almost ten percent of the vote in polls [Half of Italians want 'strongman' in power, survey showsby Angelo Amante, ReutersDecember 6, 2019].

They need to take Salvini out quickly because Prime Minister Conte's government is extremely fragile. If Lega does well in a traditional leftist stronghold on January 26, it could prove the finishing blow. 

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte already exceeded the expectations of most of his political opponents by surviving the collapse of his first government last summer. But his second coalition is so fragile that a host of issues could trip him up as early as this month.

Conte was fished out of obscurity in June 2018 to head a coalition between the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the right-wing populists of the League. When that agreement broke down, he helped to stitch together a fresh alliance with Five Star and Italy’s traditional center-left group the Democratic Party...

Salvini’s center-right bloc is aiming to take control of the left-wing stronghold of Emilia-Romagna in regional elections on Jan. 26 while Five Star and the Democrats are fighting each other.

A victory for Salvini’s bloc would make him look unstoppable and would hand ammunition to Democratic Party dissidents who want to pull out of the coalition arguing that their support for Conte comes at too high a price.

[Italy's Government Could Fall Six Different Ways This Monthby John Follain and Alberto Brambilla, BloombergJanuary 1, 2020]

Patriots should follow the Salvini case very closely. As we're seeing in America and throughout Europe, "democracy" no longer means "doing what people want." It means doing what judges and journalists want. And if you don't do what they want, they just make disobedience illegal.

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