A Reader Reports Another Death Caused By A "Deportable" NOT Being Deported
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Apolinar Altamirano, in a Maricopa County mug shot

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Illegal alien Apolinar Altamirano committed murder while on probation for burglary

So I guess burglary is no longer a felony and felonies are no deportable offenses for aliens.

Maricopa County—that would be Sheriff Joe Arpaio territory—the guy who is supposed (by Obama's DOJ, which is suing him) to be inflicting a rain of terror on illegals.

Is this an anchor baby criminal? No, an illegal alien felon out on probation, as we can find from news reports.

Apolinar Altamirano Killed Clerk Over Cigarettes: Cops AP January 23, 2015

A surveillance video shows a suspect gunning down a convenience store clerk in metro Phoenix over a pack of cigarettes before calmly stepping over the victim and fleeing.

The chilling depiction was outlined in a court document Friday as a judge set bail at $1 million for 29-year-old Apolinar Altamirano in connection with the shooting of the 21-year-old [Grant Ronnebeck,  who was white] clerk during an overnight shift.

Altamirano was convicted in 2012 on a burglary charge but never went to prison after getting probation.

The store where the shooting occurred banned Altamirano from the location two weeks ago.

In arguing against bail, the prosecutor cited the fact that the suspect is in the country illegally along with his criminal record.

Did the Arizona/Maricopa County authorities even check his citizenship or residency?

James Fulford writes: A burglary conviction resulting in probation is exactly the kind thing the Treason Lobby doesn't think people should be deported for—see Thomas Menino, 1942-2014: “Simple Crimes”, Populism, And Secure Communities

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