A Reader Reports On The YouTube "Bullying" Of A White Minnesota Father
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From: An Anonymous Reader (You'll See Why) [Email him]

There was a recent item about a white couple who adopted a black daughter that hit the news on Wednesday.

The child got bullied on social media  by white children her own age involving racial slurs and when confronted about it the offending children's father, after an awkward telephone conversation with the adopting father, later left his own unsavory remarks through voicemail. [Why did a father have to use YouTube to stop bullying?,  By Bob  Collins, Minnesota Public Radio, January 22, 2015]

Now the story has whipped through the establishment owing to a video the father posted on Youtube and its accompanying narrative of two capital moral offenses—bullying and racism.

The video got around one-half million views in the first 24 hours. (Now  close to 1.4 million.) I tried to offer my own opinions against the tide of overwhelming solidarity with this pitiful, crestfallen adopting dad in the comment section, weighing in about "pathological altruism" and the potential racial anxieties this family unit introduces for everyone in a community, but was washed away.

Then I really started to read the comments.

It felt like I had witnessed a sort of prelude to the guillotines. These people were displaying a ferocious, animalistic hatred for the man accused of racism.[Father of alleged Prior Lake Snapchat bullies loses job, by Lindsey LaBelle, MyFoxTwinCities.com/, January 21, 2015]

One posted "I would really like to set these people on fire. I'm not a bad person, but I think I'm justified!" (and that was a female!) That was perhaps the most graphic, but there were certainly others calling for his death. Someone doxxed his information and people began posting this personal information online, including his name, address, the names of his children, their ages, among other things. Even his wife's legal troubles were displayed.

Like a psychotic mob, the roar felt like it kept get louder, comments streaming in nonstop. And it struck me that I had never seen hatred like this before from so many people. This was a novel experience, and very disturbing. I am afraid that the people are looking for blood from anyone who can remotely pass for a "racist" and if a video like this can generate such a tidal wave of fanaticism over a couple of very rude names, what does this mean for the future of America and particularly those of us who want a stop to immigration and perhaps even further racial measures?

I think there are potentially millions of people who can be exercised to want to physically destroy "heretics" and with the right environment, they may go baying for blood. I don"t want to discourage VDARE.com readers, but it is something to think about.

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