A Reader Remembers Deval Patrick's Role In An Earlier Race Hoax
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Re: Governor Deval Patrick: "Together We Can"...Have Racial Preferences By Matthew Richer

Robin Corkery [Email ] writes

 I have just finished Matthew Richer's superlative article on the odious Deval Patrick. It makes me think of holding my nose and voting for McCain. You might want to write a follow up piece on Patrick's role in puffing the "black church burning" hoax while he was in the Clinton administration.

James Fulford writes: The definitive work on the black church burning hoax of the nineties was done by Michael Fumento, and is still available on the web at Fumento's website. And Deval Patrick, an Assistant Attorney General under the Clinton administration, headed the investigation. No one seemed to notice that all churches are at risk for fire, (because they're frequently unoccupied during the week, not inhabited, and have little spare money for sprinkler systems;  and that white churches caught fire more than black churches.

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