A Reader Describes Hispanic Linguistic Profiling
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Re: James Fulford's blog post "Spanish Is Not A Secret Language"–Linguistic Racial Profiling

Jason Bjornsson [email] writes:

As a white American who is of white Spanish descent on my mother's side, I commend you for articles such as this one.

My family and I have experienced this type of linguistic racial profiling by both "Hispanic" mestizos and mulattos. One example of such profiling occurred when my mother, who is blonde and was born in Vigo (Galicia region of Spain), accidentally moved ahead of a mestizo family on a line in a retail store. My mother apologized, and one of the mestizos muttered some very unflattering words concerning this "gringa". My mother then proceeded to respond to their awful Spanish, and the look on their faces was absolutely priceless!

Please continue the great work at VDARE.com.

James Fulford writes: I'm completely monoglot, or unilingual as the Canadian Government puts it, and I always get a thrill when this happens. VDARE.com publishes more bilingual writers than most, [Allan Wall speaks Spanish, Joe Guzzardi used to teach it, John Derbyshire can actually speak Chinese ] and we're not opposed to people learning foreign languages, but we don't want people to have to learn them to be employed.

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