An Observant Canadian Reader Reports The Horrific Result Of An RCMP Diversity Hire
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From: An Observant Canadian Reader [Email him]

Diverse Canada is attempting outreach (and surveillance) of immigrants by fast tracking them into the police, with insufficient vetting.

A recent trial in Ottawa featured a Lebanese member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  He was on trial for torturing and starving his own son, and keeping the boy chained in the basement.

He was serving in Ottawa in some capacity related to counter terrorism.

At trial the defendant claimed to have been raised in an abusive home in Lebanon, and suffered mental illness as a result.  Yet, Canada's premier federal police agency hired him to fill a requirement for Middle Eastern content.

The news media did not explore the immigrant angle.

James Fulford writes: The trick here is that all the headlines say "RCMP" or "Mountie", none say Lebanon. Under Canadian law, the criminals' names in a child abuse case can't be published for the protection of the child who is their victim. Even their courtroom sketches don't show their faces. This is too bad, because names and photographs are frequently the only clues to the fact that a member of a minority had committed a terrible crime.
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