A Reader Points Out A Minor Error In A Gun Control/Race Piece
December 20, 2016, 06:35 PM
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Re: James Fulford's article America’s “White Gun Culture” Isn’t Killing Blacks—Other Blacks Are

From: Kid Jones [Commenting at Unz.com]

Wow, here’s more pithy analysis from VDARE! I think [black Guardian writer Gary] Younge’s family is from Barbados not Jamaica (no worries..it’s only 1,200 miles, and both are burdened with “black culture”). England could benefit by moving towards the American model of militarized, unaccountable policing coupled with for-profit mass incarceration—it’s working great here!

James Fulford writes: The writer is in fact correct—Gary Younge's family came from Barbados, rather than Jamaica. Barbados has some gun crime problems of its own, but they'd have to go a long way to get to where Jamaica is. 

I don't think that invalidates my basic point about race, crime, and black immigration to the UK. Kid Jones is being snarky in suggesting that the UK ramp up its policing and incarceration policies, but serious commenters agree, and have been saying so for years: see Simple Justice, By Charles Murray, Sunday Times (UK) January 25, 2004